Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A few different criteria for making a college list

Rather than rankings here are some other considerations to make when researching colleges. . .

Frank Bruni, a New York Times columnist recently wrote a column titled “How to Choose a College,” in which he urges students to look beyond well known or “branded” schools and try to reach beyond their “safety zone” to find a place where they can gain new experiences and perspectives.
He recommends a series of additional questions to ask aside from the usual ones:

  • 1.     How many of the college’s students are international?
  • 2.     What percentage of students study abroad?
  • 3.     Why not consider a college in a different geographic location?
  • 4.     If you’re from a suburb, consider an urban or rural setting; if you’re urban why not go rural?
  • 5.     If you don’t know your major field of interest why not consider a college with a core curriculum?

Check out Bruni’s column at:

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