Monday, April 23, 2018

Babson College: Not just for Business. . .

Last week in Boston I visited Babson College, a school well known for its business and entrepreneurship programs.  Guided by a very articulate and knowledgeable Latina freshman, I learned that Babson has far more to offer than a standard undergraduate business curriculum. Here are a few highlights of what I learned from my tour :

1)   Every freshman enrolls in a two semester Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship course that gives them hands-on experience in developing and running an actual business. Fall term students meet in small groups to brainstorm ideas and write business plans and spring term, financed by a $3,000 school grant, they execute and run their businesses.

Offering this course as an introductory rather than as a capstone experience, allows students to recognize and develop their particular aptitudes and choose a focus for their subsequent Babson education.

2)   Babson College participates in a consortium with Franklin Olin College of Engineering and Wellesley College, two esteemed neighboring institutions. Students can take one course a semester at either of the other two schools and collaboration among students of all three schools is encouraged.

3)   Study abroad is very popular at Babson; over 50% of Babson students participate.  The most attractive and original of the study abroad options is BRIC:  a semester long study-travel program led by Babson faculty to Russia, India and China to examine the interaction between culture and business practices.
4)   Babson also offers an accelerated degree program, allowing undergraduates the opportunity to graduate in 3 years by following a streamlined path.

While all Babson students graduate with a B.S. in business, 50% of the curriculum requirements are liberal arts, ensuring a well-rounded education.  Faculty interaction with and mentoring of students is a hallmark and as we toured the campus, I noted many groups of students collaborating on projects.  I was impressed by all the activity on campus and in the libraries/business labs. 
If you’re interested in either business or Boston, Babson is definitely a college to check out!