Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Advice for college freshmen from college sophomores

Matriculating at a college or university is a big deal—both exciting and anxiety-producing.
This past week I reached out to my 2016 advisees asked them to respond with their “highs” and “lows” for their freshman year in college and to send any advice they might have for incoming freshman.  Here’s a summary of their replies:
·    Making new friends
·    Late night talks with fellow dorm mates
·    Enjoying stimulating classes
·    Forming close relationships with professors
·    Research and job opportunities

·      Coping with failure (not making it for auditions, club positions, etc.)
·      Feeling overwhelmed by the college course load
·      Not yet feeling “at home” socially
·      Tension with roommates
ü  Be sure to thank everyone who helped you get to college and everyone who helps you settle in.  Write thank yous for scholarships.
ü  Not all roommate situations can be perfect—or even good. Talk to your roommate as soon as friction occurs—don’t wait to see if the situation will improve on its own.
ü  Don't procrastinate. Every morning look over your schedule to plan your day effectively.
ü  Take time to learn about yourself. Forgive yourself for mistakes.
ü  Don’t be afraid to approach new people, even those who don’t look or act like you.
ü  Be aware of FOMO—“Fear of Missing Out”—you don’t have to attend every social event or club; choose a few to get involved in.
ü  Stay in touch with family and friends back home.
And here’s a link to a previous blog post on the transition to college from my own daughter who is now just about to begin her senior year at Tufts University:
Best wishes to all incoming college freshman for a great year ahead!

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